Carly’s Clean Cuisine noun \ˈkär-lē\’s \ˈklēn\ \kwi-ˈzēn\:

The Distinctively Delicious, Colorful Creations of Fanciful Feasts that provide Succulent Sustenance and Nourishing Nutrition to Tickle the Tongues of a Passionate Palate!

How’s that for alliteration? That’s an English graduate for ya!

Welcome to Carly’s Clean Cuisine: Abundant Food for an Abundant Life a blog about clean eating and healthy living. Clean eating is about utilizing fresh, natural foods as nourishment for the body while limiting the amount of packaged and processed foods consumed. You can use Carly’sCleanCuisine as a cookbook for clean eating recipes and also as a reference of tips and tricks for leading a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Carly Haneke. Along with my love for the ocean, wine, and travel, is my daily passion for clean eating and staying fit. I have been helping my mom cook since I was two years old, sitting on the counter and making up my own concoctions.

As I got older, I developed an appreciation for gourmet cuisines by exploring many different restaurants. However, it wasn’t until after living with the limited and unhealthy dorm food options during my freshman year of college that I became eager to cook healthy meals on my own.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. While growing up as an only child in a single-parent family, my mom still made it a priority to encourage my involvement in extracurricular activities and sports. She supported me in trying almost every type of sport until I found the right one for me and discovered my passion for dance.   I took classes at the dance studio beginning in the fifth grade. Then, when I got to high school, I decided to try out for the Ponderosa High School Dance Team. I didn’t make the team my first year and was devastated as two of my best friends became members of the junior varsity team. However, I persevered and devoted my freshman year of high school to training at the dance studio in order to make the team my sophomore year. Along with my rigorous dance training came the need to eat healthy. Throughout elementary school, my mom had taken the time to pack my lunches because she was aware of the unhealthy school lunch options. However, it was often difficult for her to find time to cook fresh meals for us. Although I didn’t have much control over what I was eating, I did have control over my portion sizes and I chose to regulate my own portion sizes while training to become a better dancer. My sophomore year, I made the junior varsity team, by junior year I was team captain, then I moved onto the varsity team for my senior year. Working my way up to the varsity dance team was a great accomplishment for me. As a member of the varsity team, I continued to strive to be the best athlete I could be and ultimately reached my full potential as a dancer.

My love for the ocean brought me to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I continued to pursue my love for dance and joined the Cal Poly dance team. Although I grew up in one of the healthiest states in America, one of the first things I noticed upon moving was California culture’s emphasis on fitness and nutrition.

However, the food offered on campus at Cal Poly did not reflect California’s nutritious reputation. I found it difficult to stay healthy with my meal plan during my freshman year. Not only was I devoting fewer hours and less rigorous training to dance, but it was also extremely challenging to find healthy yet tasty dorm food meals. The only options that tasted fairly decent were the most unhealthy foods of all and same choices were offered everyday. The salad bar was bland and didn’t offer any healthy dressings, and there were temptations at every turn. After a few weeks of eating one of the only safe options, grilled cheese, I had to get creative with fruits, vegetables, and the microwave I had in my dorm room. I also adjusted by developing a workout schedule in addition to dance practice. By that time, I could not wait to move off-campus so that I could cook healthy meals in my own kitchen and take control of the food I was putting into my body.

In my apartment my second year at Cal Poly, I discovered that not only did I have time to cook healthy meals, but I also enjoyed the break in my busy schedule that cooking offered me as I was juggling school, dance team, and a job. In January, the new recreation center on campus opened and provided me with the luxury to enjoy my workouts even more and the resources to acquire new exercise routines. My exercise schedule became even more crucial as I was no longer involved in dance team for my last two years at Cal Poly. I developed vigorous workouts and have learned a variety of fitness regimens. I have maintained my fitness level through both cardio and weight training.

Throughout the years, I have been devoted to educating myself on nutrition from many different perspectives. I have researched varying nutrition programs in order to establish my own well-balanced nutrition philosophy that I would like to share with you. Now as a young Social Media career woman, my clean cooking and commitment to abundant living has continued to be a passion of mine.

I’ve created this blog to take you along this journey of abundant life with me. I hope to show that cooking healthy can be simple and delicious too! I believe that clean eating along with a fitness regimen helps promote a balanced lifestyle, essential to living life to its fullest and living up to your full potential.


Carly at the farmer’s market in Avila Beach, CA


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  1. Hi Carly! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Like you, I’m a California girl and I love healthy food. San Luis Obispo is one of my favorite places. I live in Laguna Beach, but my husband and I stop by San Luis on our trips to the Bay Area to visit my family. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you!!! Celeste 🙂

    • So great to hear from you, Celeste! I’ve always wanted to spend more time in the Orange County area. I’m so happy your enjoying my clean eating blog, it’s my passion and although I’ve just started blogging, I’m putting my heart & soul into it. Try out some of the recipes & let me know what you think!

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