Food Fotography

I have always loved the creativity of photography and experimenting with viewing the world through a different “lens.”  YES, I am that girl who makes everyone at the table wait to take a bite so I can take pictures of the dish.

I am taking a photography class this quarter in which we were required to purchase a DSLR camera.  I have yearned for a high quality camera like this since my photography classes in high school and am so happy with my purchase.

Here are some updated photos of previous recipes along with some “Sunday Funday” food taken with my new camera:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Recipes & Links: 

Healthy Chicken & Black Bean Tostada

The Best Salad. 

Grasings: Carmel, CA

Cafe Rustica: Carmel, CA

I will do my best to take recipe pictures with my professional camera from now on.  Sometimes when I’m on my way out the door I’ll have to revert to the convenient iPhone camera… Otherwise, I believe you will enjoy the new & improved pictures for Carly’s Clean Cuisine!



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