MyFitnessPal: A Calorie Counter & Exercise Guide


MyFitnessPal is an app for iPhone & other smart phones that helps you realize the calories you’re consuming as well as the calories you’re burning throughout the day in conjunction with your daily calorie limit.  Here’s 5 reasons why MyFitnessPal will help you reach your personal goals & understand your caloric intake within your healthy eating regimen:

  1. When entering your food intake for the day, MyFitnessPal will show you whether or not you have exceeded your net calorie goal limit that you have set for yourself & how many calories you have remaining to stay within your goal.                                                                                                                 photo 3
  2. The app not only shows your calorie intake but also your nutrient intake: fat/sugar/carb/vitamins etc consumed.                                                                                 photo 2photo 4
  3. The database of food in myfitnesspal is extensive.  When entering your food for the day, you can enter keywords then search through different brands etc. so that you know you are getting a precise calorie count for your customized recipes.                                                                                                  photo 2
  4. You can also enter your exercises and length of the exercise in your daily entry.  This will subtract the amount of calories you have burned from your net calorie goal to allow for a higher caloric intake.                                                                                                                                                                      photo 5photo 3
  5. You can save your frequently eaten meals so that you don’t have to recreate them & find all the ingredients every time you eat that same meal.  It will be saved for you to find later. photo 1photo 1

Portion sizes and ingredients are important for a healthy eating and MyFitnessPal helps you realize how many calories, sugar, fat etc. you are consuming in a day.  Try not to get too obsessive about entering your food in daily, it’s just good to refer to the app when you aren’t sure how many calories something contains or if you are feeling like you may be eating more calories than you would like to. The app is a tool to help you become aware of your average caloric intake & make adjustments if necessary.


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