Sunday Funday!

I believe it’s important for everyone to treat themselves once a week to anything they want to eat (still within a reasonable portion size).  This way, it is easier to stay on track with healthy eating for the long haul.

This weekend, my good friend from back in high school was visiting from LA, so I brought her to one of my favorite spots to eat in the Central Coast, Avila Beach Custom House.

For me, going out to eat is about the experience and you can’t beat water front dining or a view like this, especially on such a gorgeous day!


Avila Beach, CA

For my Sunday Funday, I chose to splurge on these amazing coconut shrimp, and it was well worth it!


Coconut shrimp and a mint mojito at Avila Beach Custom House

Abundant Food for an Abundant Lifeheart-iconCarly


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